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R2000 (MATCH GRADE) Complete Rifle 5.56 Caliber


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Mfg Part Number:GDR2000C556 Manufacturer: Rhineland Arms Model: R2000 (MATCH GRADE) Color: BROWN, BLACK Shipping Offer: Free shipping eligible when the order reaches $

**Please Note: Optics and Bipod are NOT Included. **

** Please Note: Lead Time for this product is 4 to 6 weeks **

The R2000 is an evolution of the AR15 platform for those who prefer high accuracy using AR parts in a compact rifle and is the ultimate platform for the 6.5 Grendel and 6mm Arc. The R2000 receiver has a major advantage over the AR15 for accuracy, the barrel mounting system is far more rigid and robust, resulting in a more consistent barrel position after each shot.

This complete rifle R2000 (Match Grade) features a 16.5" Lothar Walther barrel, uses 5.56 caliber, and has a mid-length low profile gas block. It also includes a CMC trigger with anti-walk pins, Bear Creek BCG, hand-finished walnut stock, and a 10-round Duramag magazine. It offers exceptional accuracy and reliability for precision shooting and is fully operational. 

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