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Global Defense FG-9 (Alpine) (Cherry)


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Mfg Part Number:GDFG9ALP9-20-CH Manufacturer: Rhineland Arms Model: FG-9 Color: BROWN, BLACK Shipping Offer: Free shipping eligible when the order reaches $

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The FG-9 is a 9mm version of the German FG42 rifle with modern features while retaining that feel of a firearm designed from a different era with just metal and wood. The carbine uses Ar15 9mm magazines and fire control group. The receiver has a large feed ramp to help feed all bullet types including wide hollowpoints  a built in scope rail and modified m-lock on the lower rail for bipods or addition items. All component parts are held in place with HK style push pins for rapid field disassembly.  The rifle is constructed from aluminum, steel and wood with no plastic, right here in the USA. There are 2 versions of the FG 9, a long barrel with threaded muzzle and short barrel. The short barrel (Alpine model) is a very compact carbine, while still retaining a 16? overall length on the barrel.

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