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Global Defense 5.7x28, 36gr GPM (25 Rds. per box)


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Mfg Part Number:GDVO5736 Manufacturer: Vanguard Usa Model: Vanguard Outfitters LLC GPM Color: BLACK, BROWN Shipping Offer: Free shipping eligible when the order reaches $

Global Defense 5.7x28, 36gr GPM (25 Rds. per box)


  • Manufactured by Vanguard Outfitters LLC 
  • Coatings utilized are proprietary and involve combinations of preparation steps, coatings, and application methods
  • The products are for our exclusive use only.
  • Application - civilian commercial rounds

The projectile is a patented 36 grain projectile unique to Vanguard Outfitters LLC 5.7x28 ammunition. It penetrates then mushrooms/fragments. Independent performance testing by Viper Weapons of Texas demonstrated these to have penetration and wound formation that far exceeds the common 5.7x28 rounds you may find.

  • Bullet Weight: 36 Grains
  • Bullet Style: proprietary semi-spitzer boat-tail projectile

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