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Global Defense 5.7x28, 34gr blackfang (25 Rds. per box)


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Mfg Part Number:GDVO5734 Manufacturer: Vanguard Usa Model: Vanguard Outfitters LLC Blackfang Color: BLACK Shipping Offer: Free shipping eligible when the order reaches $

Global Defense 5.7x28, 34gr blackfang (25 Rds. per box)


  • Virgin Brass and New Components Only
  • Manufactured by Vanguard Outfitters LLC
  • The product are for exclusive use only
  • Application is civilian commercial rounds
  • Coatings utilized are proprietary and involve combinations of preparation steps, coatings, and application methods


The projectile is a 34 gr patented design – CNC copper alloy projectile. It has patented drive-bands and special cut grooves. It is composed of a proprietary copper alloy tempered to ensure hard-hitting penetration but also promote momentum transfer to soft tissues, organs, and bones. This round tends to crush bones and disrupt organs. This round does not just sail through tissue leaving a small hole. It is specifically engineered and designed for the 5.7x28 to achieve the highest accuracy with the bore/groove/twist specifications for this caliber.

  • FiveSeven pistol - 2200 FPS
  • PS90 - 2700 FPS



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