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Global Defense 20 Rds. Drum Magazines, FDE


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Mfg Part Number:GD20RDDRUMFDE Manufacturer: RADIKAL Model: RAD20 DRUM FDE Color: FLAT DARK EARTH Shipping Offer: Free shipping eligible when the order reaches $

Global Defense 20 Rds. Drum Magazines, FDE

The Global Defense Skeletor-12 is a rugged 20 Round 12ga drum magazine with a *Patented* spring release system. With its unique skeletonized design, it boasts the lowest weight by a high margin for a 12ga drum magazine. Being lightweight, it reduces fatigue and allows for faster target acquisition and better accuracy. Its innovative rapid loading mechanism allows users to “drop” the 12ga rounds inside the magazine. It makes it the fastest and easiest drum magazine in terms of reloading. 

Patented spring release system for easy & quick loading. 
Long Spring life due to the spring release mechanism. 
Lightest drum mag on the market - only 1.1kg / 2.3lbs. 
Carbon steel feed tower. 
Tested for high durability and reliability. 
Made of Steel and Polymer.

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